We are a coaching company turned deep tech start-up as our mission is making professional team coaching available to every single employee, not only to C-suites. Hence, we are building an AI Team Coach, trained on real coaching sessions to get 99% accuracy. 

In simple English, our machine learning algorithm is analysing the conversational patterns of the employees during their online team meetings, sends personalised coaching insights between the meetings to help the employees be more productive and run shorter and more effective meetings.  All of these, while progressing towards their defined and desired outcomes.

How do we train our ML model?

The data collected through the recordings or/and transcripts will be used to train the AI-enabled coaching software to acquire and develop a more accurate proficiency in identifying conversational patterns and delivering accountability tools. 

How is your data protected?

When uploading your audio recording or transcript, all the personal data is automatically anonymized. We also protect files that go between you and our app with HTTPS protocol and TLS 1.2 encryption. It ensures the secure delivery of your data over the Internet, avoiding possible eavesdropping or alteration of the content. Files in transit between our app and our servers, and at rest are encrypted with AES-256 (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard). It requires 2256 different combinations to break your encrypted message, which is virtually impossible.

What do we offer?

  • Exclusive membership to AI-enabled tools in early stages of development to test and use with their respective clients between the sessions to help them fight procrastination


  • Exclusive access to the AI Team Coach service and free 6-month membership after launch, if join the beta program.