Fuel your business growth with systemic coaching

Select one of our coaches whose availability suits your agenda and drive growth to your personal or professional life

Tatiana Sauter

Systemic Coach

I am Tatiana Sauter and I work with entrepreneurs and their teams to help them unleash their potential, build upon their strengths, identify mental blocks, and develop a strategic plan to achieve their dream. I help smart people to work smarter, faster and see real business results. 

I have 15+ years of personal experience in the US, Russia, UK, France, Romania, Norway, and Azerbaijan with global multinational corporations in the O&G, manufacturing, and marketing sectors.  I also have entrepreneurial experience with 2 start-ups of my own in the IT-sector.

Gina Georgiana Micu

Systemic Coach

My name is Gina Georgiana Micu and I’m an authenticity builder, an optimist with a passion for facilitating clarity, purpose & action.  

While being a Systemic Executive Coach & Growth Facilitator I’m also connecting digital solutions with brands focused on performance. The latter took me around the world and allowed me to live and work in Bucharest, London & Dubai while having local, regional & international scope of work. 

For me, coaching is about accompanying you to achieve your goals and find the path to your highest potential. Being an entrepreneur oftentimes means being alone. Most of the time no one is there to listen to you being honest about your greatest fears and your magnificent vision. I believe in holding space for your being to unfold and your action plans to come to life through small-scale qualitative interventions. I’m in it for facilitating transformation and growth. What are you in it for?

Ruxandra Nadia Bitu

Systemic Coach

My name is Ruxandra Nadia Bitu and I am a systemic entrepreneurial coach focused on challenging both business and personal paradigms, initiating break-through processes that eventually emerge into integrated actions. I have an EMBA degree at Maastricht School of Management, with nearly 15 years of experience in crisis communication. 

Skilled communicator and collaborator, I have a proven ability to coach diverse teams to forge strong working relationships with key stakeholders and internal team members and promote cohesion and enhance capacity.

Maria Cristina Banu

Systemic Coach

Maria Cristina Banu, I am an ACC International Systemic Coach and Learning & Development Architect.
Having over 10 years of experience in leading teams and communities, I focus my work in building Learning Organizations and Communities where people can develop. In 2018, I’ve created a Learning Organization Start-up for IBM Europe, that was scaled in Asia and Pacific, through which she supported hundreds of professionals to Level Up.
My mission is to support passionate people to get to the next level. I have clients who changed countries, starting businesses, scaled small businesses and they have three things in common – an ambitious goal, consistency and commitment. I can guide you towards getting there.

You and your coach will work on:

    1. Vision building.
    2. Development of shared identity, principles, and values.
    3. Motivation.
    4. Familiarity with the goal setting process.
    5. Sets individual and team goals, designs a plan.
    6. Supports the implementation of actions.
    7. Cultivation of leadership and self-regulation skills.
    8. Strengthens self-confidence and empowers young entrepreneurs.
    9. Focus on action and effectiveness.
    10. Cultivation of team spirit, clarification of roles and division of work (in case of a group).