Our company is proud to announce that it signed a grant contract with Innovation Norway for developing theCoRD Coaching-as-a-Service platform. 

With the Innovation Norway contribution, we are able to build an adaptive gamified coach paired with state-of-the-art coaching content. The AI-based NLP learning engine is capable of detecting the key points of a coaching session (final goal and planned actions), by analyzing the summarized transcriptions. It then automatically generates follow-up coaching questions and gamified content based on key points in order to close the gap between planning an action and implementing it before it becomes a procrastination cost for the company. Our team is responsible for creating the adaptive learning engine and our R&D partner – Bucharest University and its Human Language Technologies Research Center – is designing the artificial intelligence algorithms that generate suggestions of follow-up questions and insights. 

Innovation Norway grant will support our company mission to become one of the world disruptors in the AI-coaching. 

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