Why Free of Charge?

  • We offer free team coaching sessions conducted by ICF professional coaches. 
  • You allow us to use the recordings of the sessions for ML training purposes* only.

*We are a coaching company turned deep tech start-up as our mission is making professional team coaching available to every single employee, not only to C-suites. Hence, we are building an AI Team Coach, trained on real coaching sessions to get 99% accuracy. 

Win – Win situation!

Actually, it’s Win – 2xWin situation, as you get 6 months FREE subscription for 2 teams when theCoRD AI Team Coach is launched.


*Available only for the first 50 companies who sign up on the platform.
Still 21 company accounts available.

How it works

  • 1

    Claim your free your account
  • 2

    Answer some questions about your company (industry, no of employees, spoken language)
  • 3

    In 24h, one of our professional coaches will contact you to set up an introductory call.
  • 4

    After setting up clear objectives, our coach will join your online team meetings and coach your teams in the workflow
  • 5

    We will use the recordings of the meetings to train our AI team coach ML algorithm
  • 6

    When AI Team Coach is ready to launch, you get 6-month FREE subscription for two teams


Do you have any questions? We are here to answer them all! 

Team meeting coaching is the most practical setting for conducting a team coaching process. Team meeting coaching consists in coaching a team while it is in the process of running one of its regular team meetings, be it weekly, monthly, bimonthly, etc.

The assigned coach will join your online meetings and, by having nonintrusive coaching interventions, will help the teams be more productive and more focused. All of these, while progressing towards its defined and desired outcomes.

Once your recordings sent, you are automatically subscribed to theCoRD platform and get 6-minths FREE exclusive access to use the AI Team Coach service, when launched. 


The data collected through recordings will be used to train and improve our Machine Learning model only.

We ensure full compliance with GDPR and alignment with best practices for promoting data security (please refer to Data Privacy Notice for details).


Your data cannot be linked with you as it is anonymized (personally identifiable information is removed) and untraceable.