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when remote teams outperform, businesses soar.

the is a deep-tech accelerator of remote teams and ecosystems, facilitating smart work dynamics and massive organisational growth. 

the mixes human behavioural science, AI analytics and insights with systemic coaching to effect team growth and real business performance.

Developed on +3000 recordings and meeting transcripts, and based on 14 team dynamics indicators.

how it works?

real-time analysis

the observes meeting dynamics, from the level of facilitation to decision-making interactions, utilising a proprietary machine learning and natural language processing combined with systemic coaching methodologies.

pattern identification

post-meeting, the recognizes crucial patterns such as objective setting, decision making and diverse recurring polarities that imprint on the overall dynamics of the team. 

 96% accuracy rate.

actionable, easy-to-implement recommendations

transparent progress tracking

the evaluates the application of four key managerial skills- alignment, informational, relational, and actionables, recommending specific areas of improvement both for individuals and teams. 

unlock remote teams growth at scale

designed for remote, agile teams, the is the must have solution for both startups and middle to large companies. 

facilitates psychologically safe, growth driven, productive remote work environments and dynamics

increases team efficiency, collaboration, engagement, well-being, creativity and innovation

closes the gap between planning and implementation

reduces team members procrastination tendencies by 56%

increases employees’ motivation level by 62%

accelerate team growth and business performance

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

through the EEA Grants Norway 2014-2021, in the frame

of the SME Growth Programme Romania.